Add the Facebook "Page Plugin"

You can promote your fan page on Facebook through a "Facebook Page plugin". This way you get new fans directly from your website.

1. Go to your website editor and open the page where you want to insert the Facebook Page plugin.

Tip: If you want to show the "Facebook Page plugin" on every page of your website, click "Website template" and choose "Advanced Settings". Then follow these steps.

2. Click on "More" in the toolbarChoose the "Social networks" and then click on "Facebook Page plugin".

Add Facebook Page Plugin

3. In the "Facebook page address" add the URL of your Facebook page (the page about the website to promote). Choose whether you want to display the Facebook page comments. You can also set the alignment and width. Click "OK" to add the widget.

Add Facebook Page Plugin

4. Publish the changes so that visitors can see them.

Tip: You can modify the widget by clicking "Settings", or you can remove it by clicking on the red X.

Add Facebook Page Plugin

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