SEO basics and search engines (increase visits)

1. Keep your website updated according to your business or scope
It's particularly important to use keywords in the titles of your articles or pages. For example, if you sell shoes, and you are giving a special offer, you can write 3 titles with a different impact, as below:

Title 1: Offer of the Week - This title will take visitors to your site who search for words like "offer" and "week" but doesn't lead them to what you sell: shoes. So you can get many visitors in the end who are not interested in your product.

Title 2: Athletic shoes offer - This title is better for those searching for "shoes". It is more appropriate because the visits you get are from people who are truly interested in your offer.

Title 3: Athletic shoes offer in New York - This title is as effective as Title 2, but narrows the results down to those interested in the offer in a particular city/state/country that you described in the title.

2. Get your own domain name
Search engines look for relevance in the content of the website as well as the domain name of the website. So if you have developed a recognized brand, an effective strategy is for your domain name to include your brand.

If you have not yet developed a brand name, it might be better to describe your business or your scope in the domain name (eg.: or

Tip: To learn more, check out the article why do you need a domain name. Webnode can register your own domain directly from the administration of your website.

3. Verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools
Once you have relevant content and have registered a domain name, it is worth verifying your site with Google to begin to "index" it with keywords you have selected.

Check how to verify your site with our help section regarding Google Webmaster Tools.

If you want to know more about the optimization directly in Google, we recommend you the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

4. Effective use of Social Networking
Maintaining contact with your visitors, customers and partners is important and an effective way is to use social networks. There are many social networks, but we will focus on Facebook which is one of the most popular. You can create a page for "Fans" of your website on Facebook, something similar as our Webnode fan page which you can see here:

To learn more about Facebook fan pages, click on this link:

Check out also the article How to Create a Facebook Page

Once you have created a Facebook page, you can place a "Like" button on your website  ("LikeBox") for your visitors to be fans of your page. We have created a tutorial in which we show how to add the "Like" button in your project Webnode: Add a Facebook "Like button".

If you still hesitate whether to create a Facebook Page for your business, read the article Why Every Small Business Should Be on Facebook

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